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When baking, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid and how to fix them:

  • Do not read the formula carefully:
    Consequences: Using the wrong amount of ingredients or order in the baking process.
  • How to fix it:
    Read the recipe carefully before starting.
    Prepare all ingredients before starting.
    Monitor the order and technique in the baking process.
    Read the recipe again as you complete each step.
  • Oven errors:
    Consequences: The cake does not rise evenly or does not cook properly.
  • How to fix it:
    Adjust the oven temperature appropriately.
  • Errors about baking molds:
    Consequences: The cake failed in shape.
  • How to fix it:
    Correctly soup the amount of dough poured into the mold.
    Place the cake in the right place in the oven.
  • Material errors:
    Consequences: The cake has no taste or improper structure.
  • How to fix it:
    Quantitative inspection of raw materials.
    Use small scales to determine the right amount of material.
  • Errors about mixing flour:
    Consequences: The cake is not fluffy or does not rise evenly.
  • How to fix it:
    Mix the dough technically correct and not too thoroughly.
    Make sure the dough does not overheat.


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