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Welcome to Unifood !

We value transparency and clarity in our interactions with customers, partners, and visitors to our website. Below, you'll find our policies governing various aspects of our business, products, services and interactions.

  1. Policy of order

    All orders should be sent to our office by e-mail at order@unifood.biz before 3p.m for next day delivery, orders received after 3 p.m will be delivered in 2 days.

  2. Policy of delivery

    . Unifood is committed to provide the best possible delivery service and the most reasonable and affordable cost possible.
    · Delivery of goods will be carried out by our company truck within 5km of radius from our company. If the point of destination is further than 5km, orders will be delivered to your chosen forwarder.

  3. Policy of quality

    Unifood is committed to provide premium quality products guaranteed by our the manufacturers.

  4. Policy of payment

    All payment should be made to our company’s bank account by bank transfer, not to the personal bank account of our staff.

  5. Policy of refund

    Due to the characteristics of the product, we do not return in case the customer changes demand, we will support the return right at the time of delivery when the goods are damaged during transportation or delivered in the wrong quantity, delivered another type of goods, or the product expires before or on the date the goods are delivered to the customer.