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Responsiveness to adapt and respond to changes to ensure the completion of work and tasks with productivity, high efficiency, savings, avoiding waste to create internal strength for the company, as a premise for development in the next stages.


Unifood builds a respectful relationship between leaders and employees: in which, employees respect the decisions of leaders; Leadership respects the abilities and empowers employees to give employees the opportunity to develop themselves and is key to creating cohesion within the business.


For Unifood, self-responsibility at work is essential and prerequisite in the success of the Company. Employees are always enthusiastic and responsible in every action for the efficiency and success of the Company.


At Unifood, the strong relationship between employees, leaders, customers, and partners is the core strength. Trust and attachment are the motivation for the team to offer best products and services.

Why Choose us?

Commitment to deliver excellent quality products.

  • Respond quickly and effectively to all customer requests.
  • Ensure the high quality with global standards of products and after-sales services provided by the Company.
  • Enthusiasm, thoughtfulness with quick and gentle attitude.
  • Ensure the provision of products and services with reasonable prices and high competitiveness.
  • Always pay attention to staff training policies about products, customer care methods to ensure Highly specialized to create the highest level of customer service.
  • Well established global distribution industry practices, partnering with AI, IT industries implemented solutions such as ERP, Content management, and Intelligent Email.

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About us

Empowering Bakery Industry with our choice of standard products and solutions.

In March 2010, Union Food Joint Stock Company (UniFood) was established with the purpose and principle of building a high-class service style, meeting business needs of customers with increasingly shortened time and improved efficiency in supplying bakery ingredients across Vietnam. Unifood with the orientation of becoming a company in importing and distributing high-end products for the bakery industries. The company developed sustainable solutions and practices since the inception by combining experienced team, global best prices, collective solidarity and management development based on cutting edge technology solutions. More than a decade of experience, strong distribution and stable business capabilities along with a corporate governance method applying Information Technology (ERP), Unifood is increasingly asserting its position. UniFood is committed to provide uninterrupted supply and best quality products to the customers.



To be a preferred choice for bakery food products by delivering a portfolio of high quality, high value bakery products which are delightfully tasty and nutritious. We wish to offer something for every person, for every meal and snacking occasion by ensuring the presence of our products in every person’s household.



Unifood brings products from leading factory brands in the world to serve bakery customers and raise awareness of bakery raw material standards in Vietnam.